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Best and Affrodable Dental Treatments in Lajpat Nagar New Delhi, India

At Dr Dubey’s Dental Care we are drawn with true international flavor and vibrant with a wide spectrum of current dental specialties. The primary purpose of this center is to offer excellence and superior patient care with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, smile design, orthodontics, growth modulation and implants. We look forward to employ the latest techniques which are exciting, rewarding and state of art of the day. Added charm of centre is on a logical staged sequence in the treatment which distinguishes it as a discerning center with the right insight, knowledge and skills to treat vast majority of patients with confidence and satisfaction.

Treatments That offered by Dr.Dubey Dental Clinic

    • Dental implant (with crown) - Conventional
    • Implant Supported Over Denture (Depends on No of Dental
    • Implant placed from case to case)
    • Immediate  Dental Implant
    • Crown & bridge: Metal Ceramic Bridge- All Ceramic Zirconia Crown/ Bridges
    • Complete Denture- Removable Prosthesis
    • Removable Partial Denture upper & Lower (Flexible)
    • Removable Partial Denture upper & Lower (Acrylic)
    • Implant Supported Over Denture (Depends on No of Dental
    • Implant placed from case to case)
    • Immediate  Dental Implant
    • Porcelain veneers/  Ceramic Laminates
    • Smile Make Over - smile correction
    • Porcelain crown (All Ceramic)
    • Porcelain - Metal Crown

Benefit of Getting treatment at Dr Dubey's Dental Clinic

All dental procedures done under one roof.
Highly skilled specialized dentistry spread across all branches of dentistry.
Prior appointments possible for people with time constraints.
The most advanced techniques are used for treatments using the latest materials and technology.
Strict methods of sterilization are used.
Patient education is practiced for all procedures.
Emphasis on dental aesthetics.
Highly competitive fee structure.

About Dr.Dubey Dental Clinic

At Dr Dubey's Dental Clinic, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our dentists, with professional dental care teams placed around the country in order to provide top quality care for your teeth.

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